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lundi 17 octobre 2011

The EPICtorial SAGA of a Dwarven Ranger - Part 2

As she rides through the land, accompanied by a wise scholar, the dwarven ranger makes an attempt to free the world of Fantasy Quest from tyranny...

Last week, the editorial board of La Taverne du Jeu published the first part of an EPICtorial session report featuring an adventurous dwarven ranger wandering in the land of Fantasy Quest.
The heroin of the story was ordered to bring down a malevolent tyrant.
She began her quest alone, but received rapidly the help of the inhabitants of the land, that gave her the opportunity to ride a noble mount. The adventuring life is so much easier when you can rely on a trusty horse to travel further and faster!

After having achieved some subquests absolutely unrelated to her main objective, as required by the tradition of roleplay games, the dwarven ranger started to feel migthy enough to make an attempt at accomplishing her SAGA.

Let us read together wether she will manage to save the land from the evil grip of the tyrant or be slain by his innumerable henchmen.

Link The EPICtorial SAGA of a Dwarven Ranger - Part2

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