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jeudi 5 janvier 2012

Behold the incoming of Harbinger

The editorial board of La Taverne du Jeu has received a copy of Harbinger, a game still in development aiming to simulate a RolePlayGame on a tabletop...

According to Christopher Dowd (i.e. the game designer) himself, the context of the game is as follows:
"The King's seers have foretold that the entire Kingdom will be destroyed before the year is over. A royal summons has been issued across the land for the Heroes of the Realm to assemble in the King's palace to be briefed about this startling revelation. Starting from the City, these Heroes will scour the countryside and delve into deep caverns looking for clues as to the nature of the coming Armageddon, and brave any danger if it would prevent the Great Evil from destroying the land."

"There are also those, powerful men and women, who are not so noble. They pursue only their own small concerns, such as acquiring wealth, power, fame, and fortune, yet their lives are in no less danger from the Great Evil.
Some twisted souls may even endeavor to hasten the arrival of Armageddon. They are among the challenges that the King's Heroes must face if the Kingdom is to be saved."

Harbinger is a semi-cooperative game for 1-8 players, taking place in a medieval/fantasy context. A long time ago, the wonderful Magic Realm aimed successfully for replicating the whole experience and deep atmosphere of a roleplay game on a board. Nowadays, Magic Realm is dead, but its still brilliant torch was passed on to Harbinger!

Read the full, illustrated, preview to learn more on this very interesting game.

Link towards the article.

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